The lawyers at Law Office Turnstone are experienced, while continuously curious – ready to “turn each stone” in order to find the best solution for the client.

Law Office Turnstone was founded in January 2017, when two law offices – Kais, Pihlak & Partnerid and Mullari & Koch – decided to merge.

The clientele of the office includes companies, state agencies and local government authorities, start-ups and private persons. The strong economic background of Law Office Turnstone partners gives them a deeper insight into the gist of the economic operations of business clients and thereby the ability to offer solutions at a new level.

Experience in court cases enable them to select the most optimum strategy for each litigation. The fresh knowledge of the younger lawyers are balanced with the strategic thinking of the more experienced colleagues in the activities of the office.


We practice perfection

We always strive for the best in what we do. We are continually improving our results and value quality and productivity.

We keep pace with change

Nothing stays the same forever, especially in our field. The faster and better we adapt to change, the stronger, more successful and more competitive we are.

We are team

We place great emphasis on the creativity, energy and passion generated by working together. It enriches the work environment and produces better results.

We are honest and respectful

Open and honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship. We always act with honesty and respect in our relations. It is important to stay loyal, friendly and compassionate, and to be a good listener.

We honour our duties

We honour our commitments and regularly make sure that everything is carried out as promiced. Accountability for results reflects our personal dedication to the task.

We work hard

We “deliver” every day. Skills, knowledge and character are necessary to achieve a good result, but passion and energy are what ensure a great one.

We are proud of the quality we provide. We strive to be even better tomorrow. We will not stand idly by. We set ourselves high goals and never shirk responsibility. We always think big.