IR Global


The Law Office Turnstone has been a member of IR Global for more than five years. IR Global is an international organization, which constists of legal and financial experts, who are specialized in 90 different fields. Our Law Office is the only one in Estonia with IR Global membership, thus being part of a global network.

All IR Global members have an exceptional reputation and the highest professional standard. This ensures high quality of services and the best outcomes in accordance with the values of our Office.

The opportunity to appeal to other members of IR Global – our international colleagues, ensures the resolution of a matter with an international element and the provision of a versatile and high-quality service to the client. Whether the tax system of another country, transactions or real estate is on the table, our client will always receive the best advice. Considering current travel restrictions, IR Global is offering a good solution, providing flexible and cost-effective service virtually.

You can read articles on actual topics on the IR Global website. Hannah Budd, a partner at Keystone Law located in the UK, wrote recently an interesting article about Brexit:

Also here are the latest articles written by our attorneys:
• About data protection in the Republic of Estonia –
• About the Estonian tax system –

Additionally, IR Global hosts both annual conferences and smaller events, with the aim of creating international experiences and opportunities for members. Instead of this autumn’s conference, a so-called virtual month has been organized, during which breakout sessions and speeches were held on topics such as real estate, intellectual property, accountancy, disputes and much more. Our attorneys also managed to participate in a breakout session and share their persepectives on the topic.

In conclusion, the IR Global membership has given us many new contacts and opportunities at the international level, and hopefully the membership will also benefit our clients.